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Welcome to The GreenZo Energy

It seems like yesterday. Renewable energy in India was just getting its wings and was about to take off. But it was still a fledgling sector – more a grouping of isolated segments rather than an amalgamated industry. Some companies did project development, some did liaison work while some did EPC. But none did all. From this need of a one stop shop to cater to any and all needs for setting up a renewable energy project, GreenZo Energy was born.

Who Are We

GreenZo Energy is a boutique firm with regulatory, technical, commercial and execution expertise for development and operation of solar power projects of varying sizes. We have the capabilities to execute the entire process of setting up of a solar energy plant from start to end. We conceptualize, develop, liaise for, design and commission ANY and EVERY kind of solar plants – whether off grid or grid-connected, rooftop or ground mounted – for ANY and EVERY kind of customer – institutional or commercial or retail.

Our Mission

To be the leading renewable energy developer in India, and be the partner of choice for investors investing in solar power projects and to invest in and develop a portfolio of sustainable and profitable renewable energy projects.

Our Company is looking forward to investing in Large Scale Solar Projects and seeking for partners and investors

What We Do

Meet Our Team

GreenZo Energy was founded by Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, to accelerate the adoption of Renewable Energy  in developing countries through expert consultancy services, and in-depth research and innovations. Our training programs are highly sought after by policy makers, and business houses. Much of our success comes from our team members who have significantly contributed in our growth.

Sandeep Agarwal

Founder & Managing Director

Kushal Agarwal

Executive Director

Shreya Agarwal

Financial Analyst

Er. K.C. Narula

Sr. Technical Consultant

Er. Ajay Atrea

Sr. Technical Advisor

Er. D.P. Kaura

Sr. Technical Advisor

1 MW
Renewable Energy
1 +
Projects Completed
1 MWh
Daily Production
Feasibility Study

Our Company is looking forward to investing in Large Scale Solar Projects and seeking for partners and investors.

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